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Yefim Bronfman

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"... Classical Music in Review; A Collaboration Reveling in Textures

by Allan Kozinn

Published:Novembre 21, 2001 in The New York Times

Emanuel Ax and Yefim Bronfman

Avery Fisher Hall

Emanuel Ax and Yefim Bronfman are very different pianists, or at least when they stand on common ground, they come to it from opposite directions. Mr Ax is increasingly a classicist, given to probing wthin a composer's textures and presenting a work's essential ideas with undeniable clarity.Those qualities have lured him toward contemporary music in recent years, and they served him equally well in Brahms and Rachmaninoff works that he played with Mr. Bronfman on Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Bronfman by comparasion, is more purely a Romantic in the way he revels in a work's textural breadth and visceral power.
What Mr. Ax and Mr.Bronfman offered
in their duo recital programwas not so much a dialogue as a cooperative collaboration. And in adjusting their approaches to create interpretively solid, thoroughly unified readings, they not only drew on the best of what they each do but also proved that their stylistic differences are by no means muttually exclusive.